Definition of spittoon in English:



  • A metal or earthenware pot typically having a funnel-shaped top, used for spitting into.

    • ‘When he could see again, Jackson spat into the brass spittoon by his side.’
    • ‘Men and women may be employed to carry spittoons to enable paan chewers to spit in them.’
    • ‘It's the only place in Britain I've ever seen spittoons.’
    • ‘Meukow's foul, gilded, sour vanilla, mawkish chocolate and rotting tropical fruit salad-spiked Black Panther bottle was so feral that I only just reached the spittoon in time.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say it had something to do with spittoons, and I failed to enter.’
    • ‘I can feel a burgeoning market for spittoons just around the corner.’
    • ‘In more elegant surroundings, you spit into a spittoon, usually a simple container like a large bowl (one per taster) or an ice bucket that two or three tasters share.’
    • ‘Littering and spitting are regulated by advising awareness against them and by conveniently yet discreetly located garbage bins and spittoons, efficiently maintained by the civic authorities.’
    • ‘Over a burger the size of Birmingham we get talking to local resident, Gary Fish, who recalls his boyhood at The Sport emptying the cowboy's spittoons for a nickel.’
    • ‘To the immediate left was a long, paneled bar with a rusty foot rail and spittoons lining the bottom.’
    • ‘Out went the spittoons and in came the chandeliers.’
    • ‘My onion soup gratinée was thick as lava and arrived in a bowl the size of a small spittoon.’
    • ‘The little man spat and the spittle ran down the side of the spittoon where he'd missed.’
    • ‘Dinesh Sardar wants waste-bins and spittoons to be set up wherever possible to reduce littering and spitting.’
    • ‘In a perfect world, she would then have directed a stream of blackened tobacco spit dead into the centre of a freshly-cleaned spittoon, making a brassy clanging noise.’
    • ‘People expect spittoons and grotty seating.’
    • ‘Spitting on the deck might mean carrying a spittoon around; dirty clothing could mean a sailor was condemned to carry it for a certain time lashed to an oar.’
    • ‘Imagine thinking the lack of a spittoon entitles you to spit on the stairs repeatedly and to be disdainful of the poor old woman who has had to clean it up for being insufficiently happy to see you!’
    • ‘He turned his head to the opposite wall and spat a stream of tobacco juice toward a spittoon.’
    • ‘Keyboards are banned as harmful and can be found in museums, next to punch cards and spittoons.’