Definition of spit-roast in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective spit-roasted
  • Cook (a piece of meat) on a spit.

    ‘spit-roasted lamb’
    • ‘Everything we tried on our recent visit was delicious, particularly the slow-roasted Pork carnitas, the spit-roasted chicken and the grilled corn.’
    • ‘Down your liter, then order another; along with half a spit-roasted chicken, crispy and salty, and an oversized pretzel or two.’
    • ‘It's spit-roasted for four hours, basted with white wine, then brushed with citrus and honey.’
    • ‘My mechoui, which refers to lamb that is spit-roasted, was served alongside a pile of braised root vegetables, roasted potatoes and a pile of couscous.’
    • ‘Two of them went for the spit-roasted lamb, which had literally just been lifted from the fire.’
    • ‘The kabab occupied pride of place in the new cuisine and Indian chefs vied to transform a rustic, spit-roasted barbecue into a rare delicacy with a combination of exotic spices, marinades and chutneys.’
    • ‘Roast kid is a festive dish in Mediterranean countries, spit-roast kid being found throughout the Balkans and the Middle East.’
    • ‘A dozen farmers turned their hardened hands to moulding burgers and spit-roasting lambs as part of a course teaching those who work the land how to better work the market, reports Jennie Dennett.’
    • ‘I like to spit-roast small joints like chicken and lamb.’
    • ‘It is two in the morning, the street party has decamped to Simona's bar and not one trotter of the four promised spit-roast pigs has yet materialized, but we don't care.’
    • ‘Many supermarkets, butcher shops, delicatessens and gourmet food stores spit-roast chickens right on the premises.’
    • ‘Along the way there is an area where, once a week, a traditional Sardinian evening is held out in the open air, with spit-roasted meat and performers in traditional costumes demonstrating local dances.’
    • ‘Next door is the restaurant itself, where Pacific American classics like spit-roasted prime rib or buffalo Mahi-Mahi are the order of the day - ordered by visiting tycoons, celebrities and superstars like you.’
    • ‘The string must have snapped, or they may have spit-roasted the dog.’
    • ‘As I'm thinking about this, one of the guards compares the colour of the figures to spit-roasted tandoori chicken, his dinner last night.’
    • ‘Oil is not necessary for spit-roasting on an open fire, particularly since there is plenty of fat on the animals.’
    • ‘When we spit-roast beef we often do it with the skin on.’
    • ‘These sort of occasions usually throw up at least one big sacrificial lamb for the boys to spit-roast.’
    • ‘Another popular celebration dish is spit-roasted sheep or goat.’
    • ‘They are spit-roasting sheep, dancing and singing.’
    cook, bake, grill
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