Definition of spirometer in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the air capacity of the lungs.

    • ‘Commercially available spirometers include normative equations, and lung function is expressed as a percentage of the predicted normal down to 6 years of age.’
    • ‘After extubation, the nurse and respiratory therapist assist the patient with using an incentive spirometer and deep breathing and coughing every one to two hours while awake.’
    • ‘Between 1964 and 1974, the spirometry was performed with the McKerrow spirometer (as described previously in detail).’
    • ‘Testing was allowed on a given spirometer only after the measured volume errors were less than 3%.’
    • ‘Additionally, respiratory therapy personnel taught Mr V how to use the incentive spirometer.’
    • ‘The mouthpiece of a peak flow meter or the mouth-piece and filter of a spirometer should be changed between uses on different patients.’
    • ‘The volume breathed out in the first second of forceful blowing into a spirometer, measured in litres.’
    • ‘A new category of spirometers, office spirometers, should be available for use in the primary-care setting.’
    • ‘Depending on the age of the child, a peak flow meter or a machine called a spirometer may be used to check lung function (in babies and very small children this isn't possible).’
    • ‘Assess respiratory function and encourage use of inspiratory spirometers.’
    • ‘Exercise your lungs using the incentive spirometer (device for deep breathing).’
    • ‘Vital capacity was measured in liters of air by the spirometer.’
    • ‘Asthma specialists make several measurements with a spirometer, a computerized machine that takes detailed measurements of breathing ability.’
    • ‘Another form of exercise specific to your lungs is the incentive spirometer.’
    • ‘Simple, hand-held, accurate, and reliable spirometers are currently available for use in the primary-care physician's office and clinic, as well as in the workplace.’
    • ‘During the test, you'll breathe into a spirometer, which measures the function of your lungs when you inhale and exhale.’
    • ‘The two most common tools to measure lung function are spirometers and peak flow meters.’
    • ‘The long-term accuracy of a random sample of five of the study spirometers shall be measured by a third party using a waveform generator at the beginning and at the end of the 6-month study.’