Definition of spiritualist in US English:



  • 1A person who believes that the spirits of the dead can communicate with living people.

    ‘he became an ardent spiritualist, attending seances and insisting on their authenticity’
    • ‘The scriptwriter takes Myrtle to a spiritualist.’
    • ‘His aunt, who was a spiritualist, comes to visit one night and brings with her a Ouija board.’
    • ‘Being a master spiritualist myself, I can assure you that Madame Blanche is a fake.’
    • ‘The learned from all fields of science, as well as spiritualists, clairvoyants, and cranks, have studied the remains to try uncover the secrets of the past.’
    • ‘This non-mainstream art includes the work produced by visionaries, spiritualists under trance, eccentrics, and psychiatric patients.’
  • 2Philosophy
    An advocate of the doctrine that the spirit exists as distinct from matter, or that spirit is the only reality.

    ‘a nondenominational spiritualist’
    • ‘Each was a spiritualist, and each comprehended meanings in realms of apprehension different from the physical world.’
    • ‘The pure associationist's account of our mental life is almost as bewildering as that of the pure spiritualist.’
    • ‘We may, as spiritualists, try to explain our memory's failures and blunders by secondary causes.’
    • ‘This is when the rationalist comes to accept the spiritualist's position.’
    • ‘You will observe that it makes no difference herein whether you call yourself a materialist or a spiritualist.’


  • Relating to the belief that the spirits of the dead can communicate with living people.

    ‘spiritualist mediums who claim to be able to contact the dead’
    ‘an active member of the spiritualist movement’
    • ‘Part of the chaperone's motivation for accompanying her niece was to have access to the city's sizable spiritualist community.’
    • ‘She was an active member of the spiritualist movement in Britain.’
    • ‘Born in San Francisco, he was the son of an itinerant astrologer and a spiritualist mother.’
    • ‘Almost every evening she dragged me to spiritualist meetings, obsessed with the desire to communicate with her son.’
    • ‘They elaborated the connections between the telegraph and spiritualist phenomena in an effort to legitimize their supernatural experiences.’