Definition of spiny dogfish in US English:

spiny dogfish


  • A large white-spotted gray dogfish with venomous spines in front of the dorsal fins. It occurs in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, often in large shoals.

    Squalus acanthias, family Squalidae

    • ‘To date, the researchers have succeeded in outfitting spiny dogfish, a small shark species, with neural implants and stimulating the brain region sensitive to smell.’
    • ‘No, I mean, that's a small spiny dogfish shark.’
    • ‘In the UK, don't buy ‘rock salmon’ - it could be spiny dogfish.’
    • ‘Many elasmobranchs may use a combination of these behaviors, such as the spiny dogfish, S. acanthus, which uses all three mechanisms variably to capture prey depending on prey size.’