Definition of spintronics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A field of electronics in which electron spin is manipulated to yield a desired outcome.

    • ‘A processor based on the principles of spintronics could control the spin of electrons and create two possible states: up or down.’
    • ‘Researchers in the field of spintronics are developing devices that use ‘spin polarized ‘electric currents - currents dominated by either spin up or spin down electrons.’’
    • ‘They might also help scientists learn how to use the electron's ‘spin’, as well as its charge, to carry information in a new field known as spintronics.’
    • ‘A third key area of research will focus on spintronics, or electron spin.’
    • ‘Such properties taken together hint at device applications in spintronics; an emerging field that exploits the intrinsic spin of electrons as well as their charge in electronics devices.’