Definition of spinsterish in US English:



  • See spinster

    • ‘Edith and her sister were trapped in spinsterish lives, caring for their selfish, manipulative mother.’
    • ‘Brian told the secretary, a comically spinsterish woman with a bun and glasses, that they were there for Mr. Mallard.’
    • ‘Sheba is branded a harlot in the press and forced to quit her job and flee the family home, which she does with Barbara Covett, the school's spinsterish history teacher.’
    • ‘Too stern, too bookish, or too spinsterish - it was obvious that choosing glasses is tougher than finding a single man who's not weird.’
    • ‘Lenore's a singing waitress who's been dumped by her long-term boyfriend; Heidi is a spinsterish professor at Concordia, partnerless, but determined to get pregnant.’