Definition of Spinone in English:



  • A wire-haired gun dog of an Italian breed, typically white with brown markings, drooping ears, and a docked tail.

    • ‘We pass a Spinone Italiano; it looks like Tom Petty.’
    • ‘I've seen Spinoni in Italy, France and Canada.’
    • ‘Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of available Spinoni, there may be more out there.’
    • ‘Italian Spinone, also known as Spinone Italiano or Italian Griffon, is one of the oldest of all gun dog breeds.’
    • ‘Like most breeds, with large pendulous ears, the Spinone is also susceptible to ear infections.’
    • ‘The Spinone Italiano breed comes in a variety of colors including white, orange, brown, and chestnut.’
    • ‘The Spinone Italiano is now once again gaining in popularity, although it is still a rather rare breed.’
    • ‘You will definitely meet lots of great people, learn loads about Spinoni and go home safe in the knowledge that, whatever the judge thinks, you have the best Spinoni in the world!’
    • ‘The Italian Spinone is know for its calm, docile, demeanor, making them a great addition to any family.’
    • ‘I wish I could own a Spinoni girl, but I have to learn more about the needs of this wonderful breed.’
    • ‘Said to drool and smell more strongly than some dogs, Spinoni are still relatively easy to keep clean.’
    • ‘The Spinone is a versatile hunting dog of ancient heritage with origins in northern Italy.’
    • ‘The Spinone is especially good in heavy cover or cold, wet conditions where his protective coat serves him well.’
    • ‘The Spinone is an ancient breed from northern Italy, where it is a valued as a Gundog.’
    • ‘Kind and patient in the home, the Italian Spinone is a serious, tireless hunting machine in the field.’
    • ‘As puppies the Spinone should have a nutritious diet to ensure the proper formation of the bones and joints.’
    • ‘The Spinoni italiano is a strong muscular dog, with a long face and human-like eyes.’
    • ‘The Spinone, one of the first few breeds developed as pointing dogs, remains skilled at hunting to this day.’


1940s: Italian.