Definition of spinneret in US English:



  • 1Any of a number of different organs through which the silk, gossamer, or thread of spiders, silkworms, and certain other insects is produced.

    • ‘The various types of silk are produced by different specialized silk glands and nozzles called spinnerets.’
    • ‘The last two abdominal segments are specially modified into spinnerets which secrete the silk threads for which spiders have become well known.’
    • ‘Orb weavers, like the golden silk spider Nephila clavipes, spin webs out of spinnerets, organs with precise muscle control found on the spider's abdomen.’
    • ‘If the common ancestor of spiders had spinnerets in its feet, as many scientists hypothesize, then the feature apparently carried over only in the tarantulas.’
    • ‘Fossilized spinnerets (the organs that spit out the spider silk) that occur in Middle Devonian rocks in Schoharie County, New York, show that spiders have been making silk for at least 380 million years.’
    1. 1.1 (in the production of man-made fibers) a cap or plate with a number of small holes through which a fiber-forming solution is forced.
      • ‘In order to turn a polymer solution into a fiber, you have to spin the solution in a machine called a spinneret.’
      • ‘A spinneret plate for producing the thermoplastic synthetic polymer filament has a cluster of four orifices centered about a central point.’
      • ‘A very small amount of zirconium is used in the manufacture of alloys for products such as flash bulbs, rayon spinnerets, lamp filaments, precision tools, and surgical instruments.’
      • ‘The company designed and built the blending kettles producing the dope that is extruded through an adjustable spinneret.’
      • ‘The solution is then passed through a metal plate with fine holes, called spinnerets.’