Definition of spindle-shaped in US English:



  • Having a circular cross section and tapering toward each end.

    ‘a spindle-shaped cell’
    • ‘Histologically, the lesion was made up of a fibrillar connective tissue stroma with oval and spindle-shaped mononuclear cells and small capillaries.’
    • ‘Poorly differentiated tumors show pleomorphic and hyperchromatic spindle-shaped cells with abundant mitotic activity.’
    • ‘The cells appeared pear-shaped or spindle-shaped and were different from round plasmatocytes, even with cytoplasmic filaments, or from flattened macrophages.’
    • ‘The spindle-shaped cells surrounded and entrapped islands of unremarkable renal parenchyma composed of glomeruli and tubules.’
    • ‘Scattered spindle-shaped atypical cells and lymphocytes were seen.’
    • ‘Lung biopsies revealed expansion of the interstitium by spindle-shaped cells containing material consistent with glycogen and positive for vimentin.’
    • ‘It is characterized by slit-like neovascular processes and the presence of proliferating endothelial cells, fibroblasts, infiltrating leukocytes, and a population of spindle-shaped tumor cells.’
    • ‘This tumor should be distinguished from collision tumors and carcinomas with foci of spindle-shaped epithelial cells.’
    • ‘This consisted of proliferating vascular channels lined by atypical endothelial cells, which in turn were surrounded by spindle-shaped cells.’
    • ‘Thick fibrous septa separated individual nodules and were composed of benign-appearing, spindle-shaped cells and collagen.’
    • ‘Its features show spindle-shaped cells overlapping one another in a storiform pattern, resembling fibrosarcomas and leiomyosarcomas.’
    • ‘The organism destroys turf foliage by invading the leaf mesophyll cells, filling them with hundreds of small spindle-shaped cells.’
    • ‘The solid areas consisted of spindle-shaped myoepithelial cells.’
    • ‘Occasional spindle-shaped cells were also present.’
    • ‘Microscopically, the tumor consisted of polygonal-epithelioid cells admixed with more elongated, spindle-shaped cells.’
    • ‘In areas, a more solid growth pattern was seen, with sheets of oval to spindle-shaped cells replacing the lung parenchyma.’
    • ‘It is composed of 3 components: fibrous septa, mature fat, and small, primitive stellate and spindle-shaped cells.’
    • ‘The parotid gland aspirates and cell block preparations revealed ductal structures entrapped in sheets of spindle-shaped cells.’
    • ‘The centrally located mononuclear cells, with a myxoid background surrounded by spindle-shaped cells, formed an individual small cluster.’
    • ‘Fine-needle aspiration and core biopsy were performed and showed a neoplasm composed of pleomorphic, spindle-shaped cells.’