Definition of spin out in US English:

spin out

phrasal verb

North American
  • (of a driver or car) lose control, especially in a skid.

    • ‘The shells ricochet off for a while, then hit home as the Kratch ship loses a wing and spins out of control.’
    • ‘Ryan jerked the wheel of the Mustang to the left but with the road being icy and the jerk, the Mustang spun out of control.’
    • ‘Brakes screech, tires skid, and cars seem to spin out of control.’
    • ‘Lauda's Ferrari spun out of control and hit the Armco barrier on the inside of one of the circuit's many corners.’
    • ‘Their van, Big Blue, slid into the side of one truck and sent them spinning out of control, slamming them into the other truck.’
    • ‘Under the aegis of professional Swedish ice rally drivers, we spent much time gleefully spinning out of control into the deeper snow at the edge of the course.’
    • ‘His rear wheels skidded and the car began to spin out of control, flying across the track and into the path of another driver.’
    • ‘Some guy in the lane next to them spun out of control and hit them on the passenger side.’
    • ‘In a split second, his wheel had hit against the ground and he spun out of control.’
    • ‘Adam loses control of the steering wheel and begins to spin out of control just as Alex and Megan come into sight.’