Definition of spin a yarn in US English:

spin a yarn


  • Tell a long, far-fetched story.

    • ‘Shanley spins a yarn powerful enough to draw old-fashioned gasps from the audience.’
    • ‘Ryan has an eye for detail and a knack for spinning a yarn from many loose threads, and these talents make the book highly readable.’
    • ‘The art of spinning a yarn has been part of Australian outback culture since the first Irishman strode into the desert and lived to tell about it.’
    • ‘He condemns all of the guests initially, disgusted by their attitudes towards him, but finds fun in spinning a yarn about how he has just robbed next door when he is accepted as a guest.’
    • ‘Barrie Rutter's direction is plain but satisfying and his production intimate and robust, never losing sight of the fact that it is spinning a yarn.’
    • ‘A cracker bus driver refuses to let him aboard, and our hero coolly spins a yarn about being a wounded veteran of the Normandy landings which shames the man into submission.’
    • ‘When a local girl gets killed, they entertain themselves spinning a yarn around school about a serial killer who is preying on prep schools like their own.’
    • ‘He tells his crew not to spin a yarn when making requests, but to realize that financial managers understand facilities are important.’
    • ‘I feel so let down I have been spun a yarn from start to finish.’
    • ‘Pa, for his part, noticed that I was drinking non-alcoholic Beck's and started spinning a yarn about this other new non-alc beer called Posh.’
    • ‘Clearly Harris would not have devoted all her considerable energies into spinning a yarn if she did not have something to say as well.’
    • ‘He would also like to see it used during TV interviews with politicians, so audiences could tell whether they were being spun a yarn.’
    • ‘Over ten years, I have developed the knack of looking as if I believe every word I'm being told yet knowing when I'm being spun a yarn!’
    • ‘Putting his brother's affair with Testyr out of his mind, Unadel listened with fondness to Thraen spinning a yarn about hunting bears in these parts, armed with nothing but a trusty old sling.’
    • ‘THIS IS probably one place where spinning a yarn is not something that will be frowned upon.’
    • ‘Curtis spins a yarn that is ultimately hopeful, even heroic.’
    • ‘But he still had appeal, and could still spin a yarn.’
    • ‘The Oscar-nominated Perlman, who's worked extensively in children's TV, manages to spin a yarn about bullying that's both entertaining and thoughtful.’
    • ‘Clancy takes an historical event - the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II - and spins a yarn around how the KGB tried to do it, and how his heroes in the CIA and MI6 tried to prevent it.’
    tell, recount, relate, narrate, unfold, weave
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