Definition of spin-out in US English:



North American
  • 1

    ‘University of Utah spin-out Hippo Software Inc’
    another term for spin-off
    as modifier ‘there have been some spin-out companies, but none of them have got very far’
    ‘the spin-out from my being left by my father was part of what drove me’
    • ‘‘Start-ups or spin-outs are seriously disadvantaged and can easily incur substantial planning and legal costs at an early stage in the project,’ he says.’
    • ‘There is also a target of up to 120 spin-outs and related R&D projects described as a ‘new’ target, even though last year's plan denoted a target of 35.’
    • ‘In addition to better access to university spin-outs, which have revised their funding ambitions downwards, discussions about the creation of new high-level syndicates has already begun.’
    • ‘He believes that although Scotland's universities churn out an increasing number of promising start-ups, commercial spin-outs from existing large companies have been almost non-existent.’
    • ‘There is also a €10K discretionary prize this year for ventures stemming from university spin-outs and platform programmes.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Edinburgh University is to lose its own spin-out expert.’
    • ‘Last year we saw spin-outs drying up in Scotland.’
    • ‘Creating spin-out companies should become easier this year as the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, has altered the infamous Schedule 22 rule which penalised academics entering the private sector.’
    • ‘According to Deffenbaugh, the challenge is getting spin-outs moved ‘along the pipeline’.’
    • ‘University spin-outs have been created successfully in the US where they provide employment and wealth for hundreds of thousands.’
    • ‘Trials will take place in the second half of the year with the hope that, eventually, the technology can either be sold on licence or form the basis of a spin-out company.’
    • ‘There are, of course, many good things to be written about how Scotland's academic base has more than held its own in producing business spin-outs.’
    • ‘The spin-out company, which will employ 600, will be based in Gurgaon near Delhi.’
    • ‘There will be huge opportunities for Scottish companies - existing businesses, spin-outs and start-ups - to service the new oil economy.’
    • ‘But Cullen, who was speaking at a conference on university spin-outs in London last week, said his department should be judged on more than its efforts to create new firms.’
    • ‘For this reason, as the university spin-out company prepares to emerge into the cut-throat world of business, it is important that a competent and effective commercial team is already in place.’
    • ‘Technology that could save thousands of cardiac arrest victims is being developed by the latest spin-out company from Napier University.’
    • ‘Some of the spin-out companies being created now are fabulous.’
    • ‘Many start-ups, spin-outs and otherwise, struggle to find external backing to take them on to the vital growth phase of their business.’
    • ‘What is the point of encouraging spin-outs if they are just going to slow down and stop once they get into the commercial world?’
  • 2A skidding spin by a vehicle out of control.

    ‘he'd had that spin-out in practice’
    • ‘My fender had already been dented in, from a spin-out into a snow drift.’
    • ‘I only put ‘realistic’ in quotes because the cars behave like you'd expect them too, with lots of spin-outs and really bad landings.’
    • ‘Herein lies the skill; going into a turn too fast will result in a "spin-out," as it does in a real car.’
    • ‘On slippery surfaces, the car takes over and automatically controls steering torque to prevent a spin-out.’
    • ‘Conversely, looking where the car is skidding can cause you to steer in that direction, causing a spin-out.’