Definition of spin-dry in English:



  • See spin dryer

    • ‘For example, I use it to spin-dry herbs after I've washed them.’
    • ‘Makes laundry day go by pretty fast when you can at least sit on it during spin-dry and end up smiling the rest of the day.’
    • ‘One afternoon, whilst spin-drying the sheets, she leaned forward and accidentally nudged the washing machine with her… um… front bottom.’
    • ‘Now there are three methods to choose from: the pull cord, the plunger and the new battery-powered version that rinses, then spin-dries at the touch of a button.’
    • ‘But I did a lot more fiddling, and eventually got the water out of the machine and the clothes rinsed and spin-dried.’



/ˈspin ˈˌdrī/