Definition of spider hole in US English:

spider hole


  • 1A trench or indentation used by a spider for rest or ambush.

    1. 1.1 A small, rough excavation for concealing a person, as from an enemy.
      • ‘We saw a much different image of the Iraqi leader when on camera, U.S. soldiers finally plucked him out of a spider hole after he'd spent months in hiding.’
      • ‘During the search, a spider hole was detected.’
      • ‘And in this part of his story, the translator for U.S. Special Forces recounts the night that he laid eyes on him hiding in that spider hole.’
      • ‘It may well be true that capturing him doesn't make America any safer than if he'd been left cowering in his spider hole for the next 50 years.’
      • ‘Found in a cramped spider hole, the once powerful president of Iraq was reduced to an unkempt figure, lonely, weak and defeated.’
      • ‘And every television correspondent, it seems, had to crawl into the spider hole for a live shot.’
      • ‘I hope that you are comfortable in your spider holes.’
      • ‘Or, wait, do all those cobwebs mean that my cultural past is a spider hole, where I hide from current pop culture, and from the encroaching, inevitable future?’
      • ‘When we got to the area, we found a now exposed spider hole.’
      • ‘They are very good at ambushes and maneuvering when on the offensive, and defend their bunkers and spider holes tenaciously.’
      • ‘It wasn't fired as two men jumped up from their spider holes.’
      • ‘We used it as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes when we could not get effects on them with HE [high explosive] ‘munitions.’’
      • ‘Nowadays they're just gone and nobody can find one, no matter how many spider holes they look in.’