Definition of spherulite in US English:



  • A small spheroidal mass of crystals (especially of a mineral) grouped radially around a point.

    • ‘Under the polarized light microscope, addition of a full waveplate to the optical set-up showed that spherulites grown in the absence or presence of salt contain radially oriented amyloid fibrils.’
    • ‘In the absence of salt, the spherulite kinetic assay suggests the presence of spherulites from ~ 40 to 45 min.’
    • ‘Initially, no spherulites can be observed when a drop of a spherulite-containing solution is imaged in the microscope.’
    • ‘These cores will have grown to substantial sizes, giving rise to large spherulites with cores representing a significant proportion of their total volume.’
    • ‘Although they lack the fibrous, radiating crystals that conform to the traditional definition of a spherulite, their cores show a crystal size and density somewhat higher than that of the surrounding rhyolite shell.’


Early 19th century: from spherule + -ite.