Definition of spherical trigonometry in US English:

spherical trigonometry


  • The branch of trigonometry concerned with the measurement of the angles and sides of spherical triangles.

    • ‘He therefore added a preface of his own on applications of logarithms to both plane trigonometry and to spherical trigonometry.’
    • ‘He gave the first extant exposition of the whole system of plane and spherical trigonometry.’
    • ‘Book 3 deals with spherical trigonometry and includes Menelaus' theorem.’
    • ‘This contained work on planar and spherical trigonometry originally done much earlier in about 1464.’
    • ‘Its sophisticated treatment of spherical trigonometry allowed cartographers to construct terrestrial globes and map projections that took into account the curvature of the earth's surface.’
    • ‘In mathematics Werner worked on spherical trigonometry and conic sections.’
    • ‘Her distinguished teaching career, during which time she published two excellent texts, one on plane geometry and the other on spherical trigonometry, came to a premature end in 1950.’
    • ‘The mathematical part of the book covers arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry.’
    • ‘He also gave his name to a theorem in spherical trigonometry, and his criticisms of Ptolemy's Almagest are well known.’
    • ‘It consists of 5 books on plane and spherical trigonometry.’
    • ‘These cover topics such as spherical geometry and spherical trigonometry.’
    • ‘In particular Caroline studied spherical trigonometry which would be important for reducing astronomical observations.’
    • ‘He made important advances in spherical trigonometry and developed the system of astrological house division that bears his name.’
    • ‘He wrote on astronomy, spherical trigonometry, sundials and mathematical instruments.’
    • ‘The calculation of the direction of Mecca, as a function of terrestrial latitude and longitude, was one of the hardest of all problems of spherical trigonometry for which Islam required a solution.’
    • ‘Nunes worked in geometry and spherical trigonometry publishing Treatise on the Sphere.’
    • ‘We should now look at the rather remarkable work which Guo did on spherical trigonometry and solving equations.’
    • ‘While he was working there, he published a number of textbooks on spherical trigonometry, geography and astronomy.’
    • ‘Hall apparently is ignorant of spherical trigonometry where the sum of the interior angles of every triangle exceeds 180 degrees.’
    • ‘His work on spherical trigonometry led him to this system.’