Definition of spherical triangle in US English:

spherical triangle


  • A triangle formed by three arcs of great circles on a sphere.

    • ‘This work is really the first in history on trigonometry as an independent branch of pure mathematics and the first in which all six cases for a right-angled spherical triangle are set forth.’
    • ‘His tables for solving the problems of spherical astronomy can be seen to be tables which solve spherical triangles using a method similar to the modern cosine rule.’
    • ‘In Book I of Sphaerica he set up the basis for treating spherical triangles as Euclid treated plane triangles.’
    • ‘The work contains formulas for right-handed triangles, the general law of sines, and the solution of a spherical triangle by means of the polar triangle.’
    • ‘It also gives the mathematics behind the construction of the tables, and it details how to solve both plane and spherical triangles.’
    • ‘He also gave formulas for the area of a spherical triangle.’
    • ‘Morin realised that instruments had to be improved, improved methods of solving spherical triangles had to be found and better lunar tables were needed.’


spherical triangle

/ˈsferəkəl ˈtrīˌaNGɡəl/