Definition of sphagnum in US English:



  • A plant of a genus that comprises the peat mosses.

    Genus Sphagnum, family Sphagnaceae

    • ‘Fill the pot with a mix of equal volumes of sphagnum and perlite, and moisten the mix.’
    • ‘The typical habitat seems to be acidic fens and sphagnum bogs with open pools.’
    • ‘Rotted cow manure, compost, shredded sphagnum, granulated peat moss, sawdust and ground corncobs are some materials that may be worked thoroughly into the soil.’
    • ‘Moss, specifically sphagnum, is the lifeblood of any bog.’
    • ‘Most peat is made up of peat moss, or sphagnum, but it often includes other kinds of vegetation, such as trees and even animal remains.’
    • ‘Many plants and fish will not thrive as well when the water pH goes much beyond 7.6-7.8, so you might have to use peat or sphagnum to acidify the water a bit and bring the pH back down to more ideal levels.’


Mid 18th century: modern Latin, from Greek sphagnos, denoting a kind of moss.