Definition of spermicidal in English:



  • See spermicide

    • ‘Use of spermicidal jellies and creams increases susceptibility to infection by altering the vaginal flora and increasing the adhesion of Candida organisms.’
    • ‘If intercourse occurs more than once during the six hours that the diaphragm must remain in place, additional spermicidal jelly first should be inserted into the vagina.’
    • ‘Examination gloves and vaginal lubricating gel are used during the fitting, but a sample of a spermicidal jelly may be shown to the patient as part of the instruction process.’
    • ‘You must use some kind of birth control (such as birth control pills or condoms plus spermicidal foam, or not having any sex).’
    • ‘Use of spermicidal contraception within the preceding week was associated with an increase in the presence of abnormal bacteria in vaginal cultures.’