Definition of spermatogonial in US English:



  • See spermatogonium

    • ‘A maximum of 50 offspring were tested from each ENU-treated male to prevent the recovery of identical mutations from the limited population of spermatogonial stem cells.’
    • ‘At the apical end of the testes, stem cells divide to produce a spermatogonial cell that undergoes four rounds of mitosis to produce 16 primary spermatocytes.’
    • ‘Because they can now grow spermatogonial stem cells in culture, researchers have a ready source of cells that they could manipulate genetically, explained the study's senior author.’
    • ‘In addition, the testes contained highly refractile cysts that most likely represent degenerating cysts of spermatogonial cells.’
    • ‘In previous studies, longitudinal evaluation of F 2 chimeric males revealed evidence of chimeric drift with selection against the germline having a history of Type B spermatogonial irradiation.’