Definition of spermatocyte in US English:



  • A cell produced at the second stage in the formation of spermatozoa, formed from a spermatogonium and dividing by meiosis into spermatids.

    • ‘As daughter cells of spermatogonia, the primary spermatocytes reside just apical to the layer of spermatogonia.’
    • ‘Lying between, and nurtured by, the Sertoli cells, the primary spermatocytes undergo two meiotic divisions and cellular remodelling to produce mature sperm.’
    • ‘At least 10 spermatocytes at the metaphase I stage were recorded per male.’
    • ‘After 5 weeks, oligospemia was observed, and after 10 weeks, testicular atrophy accompanied by the loss of sperm cells and spermatocytes was confirmed.’
    • ‘The first breakthrough in the development of insect cell culture was the report of maturation of testicular follicle cells to spermatocytes in a moth in an artificial medium.’