Definition of spermatic cord in US English:

spermatic cord


  • A bundle of nerves, ducts, and blood vessels connecting the testicles to the abdominal cavity.

    • ‘Severe pain and swelling of the testis occurs if the spermatic cord is twisted (torsion).’
    • ‘The pampiniform plexus of veins can be seen within the spermatic cords, which flank the proximal part of the penis.’
    • ‘The epididymis, rete testis, and spermatic cord were free of tumor.’
    • ‘The neck of this balloon runs along the spermatic cord and opens into the abdomen.’
    • ‘The specimen consisted of a testis and attached spermatic cord, together weighing 81 g.’
    • ‘The femoral artery and vein are in the fossa ovalis, and the spermatic cords are presently in a medial position.’
    • ‘We report the clinical and pathologic features of 2 cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma arising in the epididymis and the spermatic cord.’
    • ‘Balls contain the spermatic cord as well arteries, veins and nerves, apparently, and don't like to be twisted or compressed.’
    • ‘The specimen consisted of testis with attached epididymis and spermatic cord.’
    • ‘Microscopically, a population of large atypical lymphoid cells with a diffuse growth pattern infiltrated the spermatic cord.’
    • ‘The specimen consisted of right testis (3.2 cm in greatest dimension), epididymis, spermatic cord, and inguinal lymph node.’
    • ‘Within the scrotum, structures such as the epididymis, spermatic cord, dartos fascia, and blood vessels could be sites of origin of benign smooth muscle tumors.’
    • ‘The subcutaneous tumor was located just above the left inguinal canal and did not contact the underlying tissues, such as spermatic cord, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.’
    • ‘Within the inguinal canal, the nerve usually lies ventral to the spermatic cord but it may lie beneath the cord and/or within it.’
    • ‘Each testicle is connected to the body by cords (the spermatic cords), which contain blood vessels, nerves and the vas deferens, a tube that carries sperm to the penis during ejaculation.’
    • ‘The spermatic cords are well defined on both the right and left sides in this section.’
    • ‘In men, hernias often develop in the region where the spermatic cord and blood vessels to the testicles exit the abdominal cavity and enter the scrotum.’
    • ‘The left side vein of the spermatic cord connects to the left kidney vein at a 90 degree angle, while the right side vein of the spermatic cord connects directly to the vena cava.’
    • ‘Torsion of the testicle occurs when the testicle twists around the spermatic cord, cutting off blood supply to the testicle, causing acute pain and swelling.’
    • ‘Each testis dragged after it a string of elongating vessels and nerves and the vas deferens; these constitute the spermatic cords.’