Definition of spending money in US English:

spending money


  • Money available to be spent on pleasures and entertainment.

    • ‘Budget yourself an affordable amount of spending money per day and stick to it.’
    • ‘Children bring their own lunch and no spending money is required.’
    • ‘This is followed by a fun filled shopping weekend in Manhattan with 1,000 spending money.’
    • ‘Rather than taking all your spending money, use a credit card.’
    • ‘The draw will be made for the overall prize of a trip for two to Australia plus 2000 spending money.’
    • ‘Should Theresa be fortunate enough to win out the competition then she is off to Barbados with spending money and the record deal.’
    • ‘Eve's father gave her mother so much spending money that she didn't know what to do with it because everything they owned was the best.’
    • ‘Sun-cream tends to be expensive, wherever you go, but buy it in advance so it doesn't dip into your spending money whilst on holiday.’
    • ‘The experiment not only furnished us with spending money, it provided a handy dress rehearsal for that weekend's culinary intake.’
    • ‘What if you knew your husband would not let you work, and not give you any spending money?’
    • ‘The top prize is a holiday for two in Florida plus 500 euros spending money.’
    • ‘The extra spending money which our own people find in their pockets is being spent abroad.’
    • ‘Children should bring a packed lunch, no spending money is required.’
    • ‘It was a fun job, good pay, it gave me some spending money, and it was about five blocks from the college campus.’
    • ‘It was a chance of a lifetime for an all expenses trip paid which included spending money.’
    • ‘Students provide their own spending money and are fully covered by private health, accident and travel insurance.’
    • ‘Selena won herself holiday vouchers and spending money to the value of 650.’
    • ‘These are important to take just in case you run out of spending money, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in an unfamiliar country with no money.’
    • ‘Tickets are on sale at outlets in the town so be sure to get your ticket and be in with a chance to make some serious spending money this weekend.’
    • ‘The family was also given £1,500 spending money and put up in a hotel the night before it left for France.’


spending money

/spɛndɪŋ ˈməni//spendiNG ˈmənē/