Definition of spell something out in English:

spell something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Speak the letters that form a word in sequence.

    • ‘Sarah practically spelled the words out to him and he showed no signs of knowing what the hell she was talking about.’
    • ‘At this rate, I would be surprised if she started spelling the words out for us.’
    • ‘She spelt the word out in her head, but sometimes it turned into farther.’
    • ‘I was communicating by spelling things out on a letter board.’
    • ‘I spelled the words out for my dad, but he didn't know what they meant either.’
    • ‘After we talked about each of the words, we spelled them out loud.’
    1. 1.1 Explain something in detail.
      ‘I'll spell out the problem again’
      • ‘Who needs conspiracy theories when things are spelt out as clearly as this?’
      • ‘Everyone knew rumours were going around and the company had promised to be honest with us, but the true situation wasn't spelt out in time.’
      • ‘The details of the agreement will be spelled out in a contract.’
      • ‘One area where costs are spelled out in detail is that of executive salary packages.’
      • ‘But laser eye surgery has caused controversy because of claims that the risks are not spelt out to consumers.’
      • ‘He said his plans will be spelled out in more detail in the strategy he will present to the EU later this week.’
      • ‘The research questions are spelled out in a very specific way.’
      • ‘This is the first time many of these steps have been spelled out publicly.’
      • ‘The ads urged viewers to visit a website set up especially for the campaign, where the message was spelt out even further.’
      • ‘It is important that certain facts are spelt out to the public.’
      explain, make clear, make plain, elucidate, clarify
      specify, set out, set forth, state precisely, be specific about, itemize, detail, enumerate, list, unfold, expound, particularize, delineate, catalogue, rehearse
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