Definition of speed merchant in US English:

speed merchant


  • 1A motorist who enjoys driving fast.

    • ‘Imola may have had its sharpest teeth pulled, but it still remains the track which brings drivers out in a cold sweat; the one which splits the speed merchants from the boy racers.’
    • ‘Even more serious than the speed merchants are those who despite all the warnings still persist in drinking and driving.’
    • ‘No research has been done to break down the causes but it seems certain a significant minority are due to out-of-control speed merchants.’
    • ‘To these speed merchants the current debate about what the new limits should be on various grades of roads is immaterial.’
    • ‘Morecambe seems to have more than its fair share of lousy drivers - both speed merchants with no regard for people's safety and the monotonous slow coaches who don't know what third gear is for.’
    • ‘Cllr Black said he feared the road would become a dangerous rat run, used by joy-riders and speed merchants.’
    • ‘I work in Halifax and I am not prepared to go to the bottom, up to Odsal and back on Halifax Road just to please a group who think speed merchants race up and down.’
    • ‘We have heard the speed merchants using this road for a few weeks, so how long before one of them kills an innocent child?’
    • ‘I gather there is a backlash from the speed merchants who wish to carry on zooming about the place.’
    • ‘I'm not for a minute suggesting that Northern drivers are the only ones guilty of this; there are too many southern speed merchants as well.’
    • ‘If the residents are afraid of speed merchants racing up and down, then put some road humps in place.’
    • ‘But the best one is when the Gardai set up these cameras and don't put film in it as in the case of most of those supposedly being used to catch speed merchants.’
    • ‘All are being branded with the reputation of being reckless speed merchants with no sense of responsibility.’
    • ‘I would like to see the presence of a speed trap more often to catch these speed merchants.’
  • 2Cricket Baseball
    A player noted for speed, such as a very fast base runner or a fastball pitcher.

    • ‘Doncaster, meanwhile, have to wait another week before being joined by Pakistani Test bowler, Shabbir Ahmed, who with fellow Pakistani speed merchant, Shoaib Aktar, has been dogged by accusations of suspect bowling actions.’


speed merchant

/ˈspēd ˌmərCHənt/