Definition of speed breaker in US English:

speed breaker


  • A speed bump.

    ‘speed breakers and bicycle paths can help reduce the accident rate’
    • ‘Some youths do not know how to negotiate a sharp curve or the methods to be adopted before crossing a narrow bridge or to get over the speed breakers.’
    • ‘Speed breakers should be put up at crossroads.’
    • ‘Speed breakers are put up at busy junctions and near schools with a view to reducing the speed of vehicles, thereby avoiding accidents.’
    • ‘Of late, speed breakers, raised at some junctions in the city, have proved to be a hindrance and cause minor mishaps owing to their irregular size and abnormal height.’
    • ‘Motorists whiz down the street and when the speed breaker suddenly looms ahead they swerve to avoid it.’
    • ‘The refrain of the motorists is that the nails used to fix the rubberised speed breakers to the roads start protruding due to traffic pressure and damage the tyres.’
    • ‘The 137 metre stretch of the road also has a couple of speed breakers with a blue and white paint marking.’
    • ‘The forest department should think of providing additional speed breakers at sensitive areas.’
    • ‘Roadside caution boards and speed breakers have been erected at strategic points.’