Definition of speech synthesizer in US English:

speech synthesizer

(British speech synthesiser)


  • A device that generates spoken language on the basis of written input.

    • ‘They had volunteers listen to words on a speech synthesizer and then asked them to memorize the sounds.’
    • ‘Hilton-Barber, 56, will use a computer adapted with a speech synthesizer to give him the same information that a fully sighted pilot receives.’
    • ‘It even had a built-in speech synthesizer.’
    • ‘A speech synthesizer performs the entire process of reading electronic impulses typed in or otherwise.’
    • ‘She uses the speech synthesizer which gives the most human-sounding voice available today.’
    • ‘With its internal software speech synthesizer and the computer's sound card, information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job related applications.’
    • ‘The actual speaking is done by a speech synthesizer, which can come in either hardware or software versions.’
    • ‘But a second group of volunteers was told that the sounds came from a bad speech synthesizer - they were able to pick out many of the words; a quarter of them heard the whole sentence.’
    • ‘The phonological output of the system is directly available as input to a speech synthesizer.’
    • ‘Curtis needs support for basic things like food, transportation, utilities - and he is trying to raise money to buy a computer-generated speech synthesizer, having lost his speaking voice to the tumor.’
    • ‘This ‘alternative’ text is generally hidden if the image is displayed or visible to the user but it can be picked up and spoken by a speech synthesizer, or other alternative output device, for a blind or visually impaired user.’
    • ‘He attends an adult day-care program each day, speaks with a speech synthesizer, and stands every evening, using a supportive frame.’
    • ‘Communicating via computer system and a speech synthesizer, Hawking is still active in his quest to decipher the nature of space and time.’
    • ‘Many people with visual impairments use a speech synthesizer which reads aloud to them the contents of the Web page.’


speech synthesizer

/ˌspitʃ ˈsɪnθəˌsaɪzər//ˌspēCH ˈsinTHəˌsīzər/