Definition of speech center in US English:

speech center

(also speech area)


  • A region of the brain involved in the comprehension or production of speech.

    • ‘We can now image people silently talking to themselves by the activation of speech areas of cortex.’
    • ‘We have brains endowed with speech centers that allow every growing child to perform the greatest miracle of learning in nature - the acquisition of nearly 13,000 words by the age of six, rising to 60,000 by adulthood.’
    • ‘Connection is made between brain and speech centre.’
    • ‘A hiccup would put a dent in the patient's speech centre that would leave him not only incapable of pronouncing the letters L, R, D, Y and F, but make him absolutely incapable of digit-dialing.’
    • ‘For most right-handed people, the speech center is located in the left half of the brain.’
    • ‘Both scans identified a tumor on the left side of Ms W's brain, particularly at the speech center (ie, pars triangularis).’
    • ‘Well that's a shock when you've never experienced that kind of thing before, and that was obviously the inflamed brain playing up and affecting the speech areas.’
    • ‘Everyone knows the left side of the body generally connects to the right side of the brain, but did you know the speech centre is generally in the right side of the brain?’
    • ‘It is connected to the language and speech centers of my brain and acts as an extension.’
    • ‘Autopsying a patient who could say only one word - ‘tan ‘- Broca identified organic damage to what he theorized was the speech center.’’
    • ‘In 1949, Goldman introduced unilateral ECT, placing the electrode over the right hemisphere in order to avoid the speech areas.’
    • ‘This allowed the surgeon to excise the tumor precisely and totally without damaging the speech center in the patient's brain.’
    • ‘Is there something special about hypermineralized tissues that stuns the speech centers of the neocortex, rendering normal communication impossible?’
    • ‘It is no longer pressing into the speech area of her brain, something that was worrying her, and this evening when we see her we'll have all the news.’
    • ‘The temporal lobe leaves a clear marking on the inner surface of the skull, which is different on the two sides because of the enlarged speech area on the left side in modern humans.’
    • ‘Although 97 percent of right-handers have speech centers in the left hemisphere, the value for left-handers is between 50 and 70 percent.’
    • ‘The tumor is located on the left side, and is either pressing on or invading my speech center.’