Definition of speculator in US English:



  • 1A person who invests in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of making a profit.

    ‘financial speculators exploiting small changes in markets to make money’
    ‘speculators are driving the price of oil higher’
    • ‘Such monetary flows have necessitated redistribution of purchasing power, favoring consumers and speculators at the expense of domestic producers.’
    • ‘She's made a career of refusing to be seduced by the big-shouldered speculators selling California sensuality.’
    • ‘The extraordinary growth of the market over the past decade has encouraged speculators intent only on turning a fast profit.’
    • ‘Agribusinesses can transfer price risk to speculators by hedging against the grain they own.’
    • ‘By the mid-1980s, a few wealthy speculators held most of the continental certificates.’
  • 2A person who forms a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.

    ‘the opinions of philosophical speculators’
    ‘speculators about the nature of the cosmos’
    • ‘They might say that I haven't proven any health risk from GM foods, and that I am just an 'armchair speculator'.’
    • ‘Those same speculators on how space weather may have killed the satellite are rarely refuted or challenged in public.’
    • ‘During the last 200 years, we have many interpretations of Bhagavadgita by different speculators.’
    • ‘Whatever virtues the Mayans might have had, predicting the future seems an unlikely one, which is something the speculators should realize.’
    • ‘Our intellectual fate is no longer subject to the moods of speculators, in whose thought genius comes dangerously close to mania.’