Definition of speculative builder in US English:

speculative builder


  • A person who has houses constructed without securing buyers in advance.

    • ‘More than a few such projects are carried out by speculative builders with - dare I say it - a minimal grasp of the subtleties of postwar design.’
    • ‘In the long term, very few people benefit from house-price inflation and we all suffer because the infra-structure of roads, doctors, schools, recreational space, sewers etc cannot cope with the activities of speculative builders.’
    • ‘Charles Drake was a speculative builder and it is probable that he sold the house to Mr Carter soon after it was built.’
    • ‘It does not expect much demand for this product from developers or speculative builders.’
    • ‘Some towns were well planned by civic-minded local councils, with parks, libraries, concert halls, and baths; others were left to the mercy of the speculative builder.’