Definition of spectral tarsier in US English:

spectral tarsier


  • A tarsier which has a tail with a long bushy tuft and a scaly base, native to Sulawesi.

    Tarsius spectrum, family Tarsiidae

    • ‘He has photographed wildlife from the very large - African and Asian elephants - to the very small: kangaroo rats and spectral tarsiers.’
    • ‘The spectral tarsier is a nocturnal primate endemic to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.’
    • ‘The tarsiers we saw are spectral tarsiers with huge round eyes which lets them see in the night when they are hunting for insects to eat.’
    • ‘In this paper, I investigate how mother and infant spectral tarsiers, Tarsius spectrum, respond to the presence of potential predators.’
    • ‘The spectral tarsier, Tarsius spectrum, is the shortest primate in the world at only nine centimetres tall.’


spectral tarsier

/ˌspektrəl ˈtärsēər/