Definition of spectatorship in US English:



  • See spectator

    • ‘Within the context of this film, which wilfully denies many of the conventional pleasures of cinema spectatorship, such moments are genuinely transcendent.’
    • ‘Poetry can't compete well with movies, videos, computer interaction, talking novels geared to a voyeuristic spectatorship that may render page readers obsolete.’
    • ‘This form of spectatorship contrasts sharply with the interactive performances found in rural villages where most of these maskers normally appear.’
    • ‘Does ‘our culture of spectatorship neutralise the moral force of photographs of atrocities’?’
    • ‘What we are being given as ironic spectators of this staged act of spectatorship is a complex chain of fabricated misrepresentations as generators of identity.’
    • ‘Revisiting these anecdotes tells us something about nineteenth-century curiosity, but also about our own attitudes towards spectatorship, consumption, and desire.’