Definition of spectacularly in US English:



  • 1In an impressive, dramatic, or eye-catching way.

    ‘the immense skyscraper is spectacularly lit up’
    ‘two companies have performed spectacularly’
    • ‘Candelabras and aromatherapy candles are lit in the evening and reflect spectacularly in the large Venetian mirror.’
    • ‘The brooches, which had been very large and spectacularly ornate, gave way in the later ninth century to smaller, monochromatic silver and black pieces.’
    • ‘He gazed upon the spectacularly beautiful valley.’
    • ‘He has seen Disney rise spectacularly from the ashes during his 11 years with the company.’
    • ‘At night, light from the interior radiates out in thousands of shimmering pinpricks, like a spectacularly illuminated porcupine.’
    1. 1.1 To a strikingly large or obvious degree.
      ‘the plan backfired spectacularly’
      as submodifier ‘a spectacularly stupid idea’
      • ‘The album features a spectacularly banal set of lyrics.’
      • ‘She's come a long way from being spectacularly awful as Michael Corleone's daughter.’
      • ‘He succeeds in becoming John Doe, even in the midst of such spectacularly false and manipulated media proceedings.’
      • ‘He was yesterday sentenced to prison for his role in the fraud that led the company to collapse so spectacularly.’
      • ‘His willingness to fail spectacularly always seems to outweigh taking the easy option.’