Definition of spectacled caiman in US English:

spectacled caiman


  • A small South American caiman with a bony ridge between the eyes which gives the appearance of spectacles.

    Caiman sclerops, family Alligatoridae

    • ‘Even a fearsome spectacled caiman is unable to escape an anaconda's fatal embrace.’
    • ‘The spectacled caiman, which originates from South and Central America, has a boney ridge around its eyes which makes it look as if it is wearing glasses.’
    • ‘As these species became scarce, hunters turned their attention to the black caiman and the broad-snouted caiman, then to the spectacled caiman.’
    • ‘On the few patches of dry ground, tropical rattlesnakes lie low, and in shallow pools, spectacled caiman doze just beneath the surface.’
    • ‘But the nests we found along the stream banks were those of a smaller species, the spectacled caiman.’


spectacled caiman

/ˌspektəkəld ˈkāmən/