Definition of spearfish in US English:


nounPlural spearfishes

  • A billfish that resembles the marlin.

    Genus Tetrapturus, family Istiophoridae: several species

    • ‘The seas seem to have just marlin and spearfish.’
    • ‘There's a trophy for the biggest spearfish over 30 pounds.’
    • ‘The same day we catch our last marlin we hook and land a spearfish.’


[no object]
  • Fish using a spear.

    ‘spearfishing is strictly illegal in the marine parks’
    ‘resort owners do not allow tourists to spearfish’
    • ‘I have nothing against selective spearfishing for the odd meal, but most of this lot come under the category of ‘idiots with spearguns‘.’
    • ‘He remembers spearfishing with the island kids; she, picking flowers in the forest with her grandmother.’
    • ‘Somewhat perversely, spearfishing is still allowed within the area of the marine reserve, so I don't blame the big fish for being cautious.’
    • ‘One aspect of diving holidays that has pretty much disappeared is the sport of spearfishing.’
    • ‘Trawling, rod-and-line fishing and spearfishing were banned.’
    • ‘The centre offers diving, spearfishing, underwater photography, and simply sailing.’
    • ‘Malta's clear waters are home to plentiful fish, despite continuing illegal spearfishing.’
    • ‘If Moises's pals were going spearfishing for dinner, he went too.’
    • ‘The spearfishing craze was at its height, and few devotees paid any attention to the local legislation outlawing the use of spearguns with diving equipment.’
    • ‘Cyprus has been intensively fished for many years and scuba spearfishing remains popular.’
    • ‘Of all shark attacks worldwide, nearly all occur on surfers and many were directly related to fishing or spearfishing.’
    • ‘Morihei spent a good deal of time on the ocean spearfishing.’
    • ‘During his years spearfishing on the Banks, Trevor Krull learned to respect these awesome predators.’
    • ‘Because spearfishing is forbidden, there are many reef fishes in all sizes, and they are not shy.’