Definition of speak volumes in US English:

speak volumes


  • 1(of a gesture, circumstance, or object) convey a great deal.

    ‘a look that spoke volumes’
    • ‘Kylara needed no words; her sad teal eyes spoke volumes.’
    • ‘It was not the bond of a family, but the bond of those who knew each other so well that they could speak volumes without words.’
    • ‘Buffy stood up and walked toward Spike, and I could see how effortlessly her every gesture spoke volumes to him.’
    • ‘‘Don't bring my brother into this,’ Micah's tone was cold and spoke volumes more than the words themselves.’
    • ‘Many emotions were playing across Carly's expressive face, speaking volumes without saying a word.’
    • ‘She'd get into the habit of rooting around in charity shops (thrift-stores in America) for an outfit that spoke volumes in individuality and style.’
    • ‘Who needs fancy words when an effortless turn of inflection can speak volumes?’
    • ‘The look spoke volumes, volumes Zack couldn't grasp.’
    • ‘His expression spoke volumes his words could not.’
    • ‘Actions speak louder than words, and inaction speaks volumes.’
    1. 1.1 Be good evidence for.
      ‘his record speaks volumes for his determination’
      • ‘Their inability to contribute anything more substantial than that speaks volumes for the timidity of the cause.’
      • ‘The ability to sustain operations in this fashion speaks volumes for their flexibility and the operational focus.’
      • ‘The contrast spoke volumes about the present crisis in documentary film-making.’
      • ‘Indeed, that there is so much to find in it speaks volumes for its artistic value.’
      • ‘How a state crafts its rules regarding both evidence and defendants' rights speaks volumes about its national values.’
      • ‘It is a symbol for London, a recognized addition to the city's high-profile skyline that includes St. Paul's Cathedral, which speaks volumes for its impact and acceptability.’
      • ‘From stock footage to video and undercover camera work, the fact that the image is mostly magnificent speaks volumes for the time and care taken to transfer this material to disc.’
      • ‘His managerial record during the qualifying phase over the past 18 months speaks volumes for the growing maturity of both the manager and the team.’
      • ‘But, in a way, that speaks volumes for the merits of these structures.’
      • ‘I once gave him a private fashion show that spoke volumes about our tastes.’