Definition of speak the same language in US English:

speak the same language


  • Understand one another as a result of shared opinions or values.

    • ‘The challenge, therefore, is to get both sides speaking the same language, so that communication and partnership will flow more easily.’
    • ‘Maybe they are, but don't believe for a second that it follows that you'll understand them, or that you're actually speaking the same language.’
    • ‘And they are pitching to network executives who come from largely the same world and they're all kind of speaking the same language.’
    • ‘The JNIR speaks the same language as the media buyers, and it makes people understand the medium.’
    • ‘In addition, she thinks that genuine fashion experts need a website that can speak the same language and recognise the value of, say, an original 1950s Chanel pastel-tweed suit.’
    • ‘Those guys were all schooled jazz musicians; we all spoke the same language.’
    • ‘We spoke the same language, and he didn't stare blankly when I asked him a question about a topic like libel.’
    • ‘Both Berlin and Paris spoke the same language - that of encouraging private enterprise and reforming social welfare systems, of changing the balance between private and public sectors.’
    • ‘We recruited people who spoke the same language as our customers in the retail trade and the business blossomed.’
    • ‘Even if everyone speaks the same language on a project, the departments involved assume and understand things differently from their own unique perspective.’