Definition of speak for oneself in US English:

speak for oneself


  • 1Give one's own opinions.

    • ‘This is particularly the case for individuals with learning disabilities who often have difficulties in speaking for themselves.’
    • ‘Maybe he doesn't speak for every man, but he speaks for himself and that's all you can do… all you should do when you set out to create anything.’
    • ‘Inside the quiet, orderly courtroom, facing the judge, Libby spoke for himself.’
    • ‘Well, speaking for myself, comrades, there I draw the line. Not one step.’
    • ‘Precisely because academics are free to express their own views, people know that a professor speaks for himself, and not necessarily for the university.’
    • ‘They spoke for themselves and their comrades, those who had died as well as those who lay helpless in veterans' hospitals, forgotten by the prating politicians who publicly claimed to exalt them.’
    • ‘And she spoke for herself, not for anyone else.’
    • ‘‘They were speaking for themselves,’ Duboff commented.’
    • ‘I think a lot of us who did that - I certainly am speaking for myself - do not - I'm not proud of that.’
    • ‘I stare at the fat man, wondering who will interpret, when he speaks for himself.’
    1. 1.1in imperative Used to tell someone that what they have said may apply to them but does not apply to others.
      ‘“This is such a boring place.” “Speak for yourself—I like it.”’
      • ‘Speak for yourself but don't speak for me.’
      • ‘Speak for yourself, but my aromatherapy mist is working wonders.’