Definition of spartina in US English:


(also spartina grass)


  • A plant of a genus that comprises the cordgrasses.

    Genus Spartina, family Gramineae

    • ‘At low tide sea oats and spartina grasses bend before the breeze.’
    • ‘Each acre of spartina grass produces four tons of organic matter, which works its way into the food chain through algae until big fish are eating little fish and birds are eating the fish.’
    • ‘Decaying spartina grass breaks into small pieces called detritus fueling the bottom of the food chain.’
    • ‘These are the mudflats that the alien spartina we have introduced is now turning to meadows.’
    • ‘Determined to get a river view, I climbed a high bank and looked across windswept spartina grass.’
    • ‘The spartina grass excretes salt crystals in order to survive the high salinity of sea water.’


Modern Latin, from Greek spartinē ‘rope’.