Definition of sparks fly in US English:

sparks fly


  • An encounter becomes heated or lively.

    ‘sparks always fly when you two get together’
    • ‘I at least want the opportunity, and the chance to see if the sparks fly like I have been dreaming they will!’
    • ‘At times, she swore she saw a few sparks fly in the space between the two.’
    • ‘What kind of sparks fly when Olivia realizes her dreams of a lazy weekend are thwarted?’
    • ‘One day someone will get Tiga and Kelis on a track together, and watch the sparks fly when they do.’
    • ‘The moment you two met in that studio, the moment your hands touched, I saw sparks fly.’
    • ‘Watch the sparks fly in some churches if and when such a discussion takes place.’
    • ‘Olschok seems more preoccupied by attempting to thrill the audience than he his trying at make sure sparks fly between the two leads.’
    • ‘Sure Ben was nice and held me when I needed comforting but Trevor's touch made sparks fly for some reason.’
    • ‘Lisa was disappointed, she really wanted to see sparks fly between the two of them.’
    • ‘From the very first he had seen the sparks fly between them, but he had never imagined that it would come to this.’