Definition of sparkly in US English:



  • 1Shining with glittering flashes of light.

    ‘a sparkly silver dress’
    ‘blue eyes like sparkly gems’
    • ‘They begin in sparkly capes, which are soon discarded to reveal seventies-style Roman tunics.’
    • ‘Automatically, I raised my hand to make sure she hadn't clipped any sparkly thing to my hair.’
    • ‘To go with her outfit, she had diamond studs in her ears and sparkly brown eye shadow.’
    • ‘It's brand new with a sparkly dark blue cover.’
    • ‘He could almost see Paris, the sun just beginning to peer over Notre Dame, creating sparkly reflections on the Seine.’
  • 2Lively and animated.

    ‘his friends were witty and sparkly’
    ‘I am feeling very happy and sparkly’
    • ‘We slide straight from the horror of emaciated refugees to a bright and sparkly commercial for toothpaste.’
    • ‘That his daughter has inherited his eye for detail and ear for the right word has been apparent since that "funny, sparkly" first novel.’
    • ‘He had this sparkly, devilish, bad-boy quality.’
    • ‘Somebody has taken this sparkly person from the world in the most awful way, leaving a huge gap in all of our lives.’
    • ‘This year, they continue to counterbalance the sparkly entertainment with a bigger-than-ever line-up of alternative acts.’