Definition of sparely in US English:



  • See spare

    • ‘On the south wall of this pavilion, in both verandah and dining room, is a kitchen range, as sparely detailed (in hardwood and stainless steel) as the rest of the building.’
    • ‘If you took a map of Australia and drew a wonky circle around the middle of the country, you'd land in the outback: red dirt, sparely inhabited, the back country.’
    • ‘But while the work has caused some controversy since its premiere in 1999, the sparely staged Tongue is ultimately a testament to the power of understanding.’
    • ‘Robert Brill's sliding black panels, eliminating all frills, sparely reveal the few evocative necessaries, concentrating on framing the two human figures.’
    • ‘But everyone should agree that this debut is the model of efficiency: One singer, one guitar, bass, drums, and even these are deployed sparely.’
    • ‘The Queen's Gallery is a trim, sparely designed enclosure within the wide and steep but surprisingly narrow fabric of Buckingham Palace.’