Definition of spare time in US English:

spare time


  • Time that is not taken up by one's usual activities; leisure time.

    • ‘Keaira never had much spare time anyway, even friends were hard for the girl to make and keep.’
    • ‘In their spare time both slaves and peasants could specialise in craft activities like smithying and shoemaking.’
    • ‘So in their spare time they came to Dresden, free of charge, to perform with us.’
    • ‘Because if she had any spare time on her hands she might just have to think.’
    • ‘When his wife left he became a drunk, spent any spare time he had drinking ale in the tavern.’
    • ‘After lunch, Ky had some spare time, so she grabbed Senna and the two wandered into the city.’
    • ‘Hastings is a horrible old bat with far too much spare time on her hands.’
    • ‘All of the men whittled wood in their spare time, or even as they traveled, to keep them occupied.’
    • ‘Now living in Georgia with his wife and son, he enjoys playing bass in his spare time.’
    • ‘Their idea of femininity is giggling and spending all their spare time on hair management.’
    • ‘The majority of Eritreans are farmers and so have little spare time for luxuries such as sports.’
    • ‘They were easily six foot each and looked like they spent most of their spare time in the gym.’
    • ‘I've found the courses and the moment I have some spare time I want to do it.’
    • ‘I used to walk through the fields in my spare time, checking out the corn and watching the animals.’
    • ‘In his spare time he can be found writing at Whitespace and lurking in the CSS Vault.’
    • ‘In his spare time, he enjoys digging into source code, a good cup of coffee and the game of foosball.’
    • ‘If you have some spare time one day you might want to meet me for lunch.’
    • ‘I liked to write and draw, two things that kept me busy in the my hefty amount of spare time.’
    • ‘During her spare time on Saturday, Sarah went by the bookstore to buy a journal.’
    • ‘Instead, really give some thought to what she does when she has some spare time.’


spare time

/ˌsper ˈtīm/