Definition of Spanish moss in US English:

Spanish moss


  • A tropical American plant which grows as silvery-green festoons on trees, obtaining water and nutrients directly through its surface.

    Tillandsia usneoides, family Bromeliaceae. See also air plant

    • ‘Hundred-year-old live oaks, draped with tendrils of Spanish moss, provide a natural canopy here.’
    • ‘The island was covered with large oak trees draped in Spanish moss.’
    • ‘Now if we lived somewhere, say in Louisiana, the driveway would be surrounded by weeping willows and Spanish moss.’
    • ‘We kept brushing into low hanging Spanish moss and cypress limbs, and were having to duck and weave our way along.’
    • ‘Orchids grow from a wall cloaked with Spanish moss.’
    • ‘Unlike Spanish moss, mistletoe is a parasite that takes its food from the host tree.’
    • ‘Its blare sent birds fluttering from the branches of the live oak that overhung the gate, making the Spanish moss sway as if it were alive.’
    • ‘I tried to stay in the shade, ducking beneath the delicate brown flower heads of the Spanish moss.’
    • ‘Daniel Murry and Captain Lynt ducked as they rode beneath hanging Spanish moss.’


Spanish moss

/ˈspaniSH môs//ˈspænɪʃ mɔs/