Definition of Spanish bayonet in US English:

Spanish bayonet

(also Spanish dagger)


  • A yucca native to the southern US and the American tropics.

    Genus Yucca, family Agavaceae: several species, in particular Y. aloifolia

    • ‘Our camp was on the eastern slope of a ridge thickly overgrown with high grass and Spanish bayonets.’
    • ‘The Spanish bayonet and fountain grass are about 2 to 3 years old.’
    • ‘Do not plant Spanish bayonet near walkways, patios or in areas frequented by children and pets.’
    • ‘My picture of the Spanish bayonet flower, with its embedded yucca moths, was unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘The Spanish bayonet has leaves that are rigid with leaf margins that are sharply serrated.’
    • ‘The Spanish bayonet tends to topple over and re-root itself, where the Spanish Dagger is stationary.’