Definition of spandrel wall in US English:

spandrel wall


  • A wall built on the curve of an arch, filling in the spandrel.

    • ‘All of the exterior spandrel walls and portions of the interior spandrel walls were replaced.’
    • ‘The mason started on the spandrel walls - this time in bluestone to match the abutments - on the 10th.’
    • ‘The downstream facing spandrel wall of the bridge had begun to bow outward as a result of years of use by heavy vehicles.’
    • ‘In 1828, the spandrel walls had to be reconstructed under the consultation of Sir John Rennie.’
    • ‘Three, 29-foot anchors were installed connecting the north and south spandrel walls to prevent further separation.’
    • ‘A spandrel wall is the exterior wall between the top of one window and the bottom of the window above.’
    • ‘Lateral movement of the spandrel walls probably caused the radial cracking in the arches.’
    • ‘Joints are about one-half inch in the spandrel walls and one-quarter inch between the ring stones, which are ornamented with tooled margins.’
    • ‘Some of the test results were substantially inflated by directing force through the spandrel walls.’
    • ‘Reinforced concrete spandrel walls are cast in-situ on top of the arches and faced with new Portland Stone to match the existing 1914 elevation.’
    • ‘Piers, the spandrel walls above the piers, and the tops of the arches were filled in with Portland cement concrete.’
    • ‘Above the parabolic arch there is a solid spandrel wall, which closes the space between the spandrel columns.’