Definition of spanakopita in US English:



  • (in Greek cooking) a phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese.

    • ‘I appreciate the subtle flavour of a spanakopita made with pigweed (aka lamb's quarters or wild spinach).’
    • ‘Diane's Restaurant, opened in 1996 by a former Santa Fe pastry chef, provides friendly service and dishes like spanakopita, grilled lamb, duck breast, and four-layer chocolate cake.’
    • ‘Buffet recipes include a giant cheese and spinach pie that Brooks calls the ‘ultimate spanakopita recipe.’’
    • ‘Even the Greek phyllo packets - minty, feta-stuffed tiropita and spinach-stuffed spanakopita laced with onion - were on the mark.’
    • ‘Hey, let's get some plum sauce to go with the spanakopitas that Walker's going to make when he's here’
    • ‘Don't miss out on the savoury pastries - you can get the spinach spanakopita in pie form, or in little spring roll-like tubes.’
    • ‘The bread and spanakopita are fresh each morning.’
    • ‘The spanakopitas were by far the best I've ever had - perfectly baked and crisp phyllo pastry stuffed with baby spinach, kasseri cheese (a sharp, salty, sheep's milk cheddar) and spaghetti squash.’


Modern Greek, literally ‘spinach pie’.