Definition of spalted in US English:



  • (of wood) containing blackish irregular lines as a result of fungal decay, and sometimes used to produce a decorative surface.

    • ‘After a long walk thru the woods I may end the day empty handed or find one beautifully spalted dead log that will keep me busy for weeks.’
    • ‘You can use chunks or shavings of spalted wood instead of the brew, but it takes forever, and sometimes doesn't start because it is dead.’
    • ‘Usually good spalted maple is quite pricey, but I wandered over anyway.’
    • ‘These guitars and basses feature spalted maple bodies with matching fretboards, offering a different look from most guitars.’
    • ‘I have a whole pile of spalted maple in my backyard that is great to work with.’


1970s: from dialect spalt ‘to split, splinter’ + -ed.