Definition of spaghettini in US English:



  • Pasta in the form of strings of thin spaghetti.

    • ‘My friend and I tried the spaghettini with roasted garlic, parsley, pine nuts, chilies and olive oil.’
    • ‘Those salty grilled shrimp marred an otherwise respectable dish of spaghettini alla Greco with a lively tomato sauce.’
    • ‘One of my favourite meals is spaghettini with tomato sauce, Parmesan and red wine.’
    • ‘The main course was spaghettini, not the easiest dish to eat without making a mess.’
    • ‘I pour myself another glass of wine, light a cigarette and think about whether to use spaghettini or fusilli with the bottle of pesto in the fridge.’


Italian, diminutive of spaghetti ‘little strings’ (see spaghetti).